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Raising Urban Dairy Goats

Urban Dairy Goats- Raising Goats In The City!Nigerian Dwarf goats are great urban dairy goats for small homesteads, and they can even be kept in the city. I first got goats in 2012. My goal was to produce as much of my family’s dairy as possible. Nigerian Dwarf milk is delicious, and goats are great fun to keep and breed. If you have the space I highly recommend them!

Raise Goats In The City!

Imagine pouring yourself a cold glass of milk, that you raised yourself! You can raise goats even if you don't live in the country. Find out how in the free email crash course on raising goats in the city.

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I ended up selling my goats in 2016 because my goals for our property changed. Instead of producing as much of my family’s food as possible even if relying on purchased feeds, I am now more focused on creating self sustaining systems that produce food for our family. It’s a subtle difference in goals, but what it means right now is using the space where I was raising goats and storing purchased hay to produce more of our chicken, duck, and rabbit feed.

Nevertheless, here are some of my thoughts and things I’ve learned from keeping Nigerian Dwarf goats. I hope it helps you in your own goat adventures!

Goats have a reputation for eating anything, but they actually can be quite picky. Check out some of the best hay feeders for goats.

Best Hay Feeders For Goats

Goats have a reputation for eating anything but they actually can be quite picky. They often will only eat hay ...
With careful measuring and a simple calculation you can easily estimate your goat's weight for administering medications and dewormers!

How To Calculate Your Goat’s Weight

Knowing your goat's weight can be very important when raising goats. There may be times when you need to dose ...
 While there are quite a few potential issues you could run into raising dairy goats, there are a few that are more common than others.

3 Health Problems To Watch Out For In Dairy Goats

When you keep dairy goats, it's a good idea to know what types of problems to watch out for. While ...
Utilize the space you have for goat farming and grow food for your herd by planting trees, shrubs, and herbs!

What Are The Best Plants for Goat Farming?

When you start goat farming, there are several different ways you can manage your goats. There are intensive methods, which ...
Getting Nigerian Dwarf Goats can seem overwhelming! Here are some tips and tricks that new goat owners don't always think about.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Care Tips For The First Time Owner

Getting Nigerian Dwarf Goats for the first time can seem overwhelming. Then once you get started with them, and kind ...
Thinking about getting goats?  Do you have enough space?  How much space do your goats need to be happy anyway? 

How Much Space Do Your Goats Need To Be Happy?

Nigerian Dwarf goats are pretty awesome. Lots of dairy, small animal. And compared to other dairy animals they need a ...
Part of deciding to keep goats is figuring out which breed is best for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to all the breeds, but there are nine reasons why you need Nigerian Dwarf goats!

9 Reasons Why You Need Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Part of deciding to keep goats is figuring out which breed is best for you. There are advantages and disadvantages ...
Are goats the new cat? They are if you are the crazy goat lady of the neighborhood! Here are some ways goats are like cats.

7 Ways Goats Are Like Cats

I've always considered myself a cat person. Dogs are okay, but they are way too clingy and energetic, and I ...
Are goats right for everyone?  I loved raising goats, but they weren't right for us.

Are Goats Right For Me?

Are goats right for me? I thought I was in love with my goats, but now I’m not so sure ...
Kidding can be an exciting time for goat owners. Make sure you are prepared with what you need to know as well as have the right supplies.

Basic Goat Care: Pregnancy and Kidding

When your goat is due with kids it's your job to make sure she is as healthy as can be ...
Breeding goats is a necessity if you are keeping them for milk or meat. Learn what the signs of heat are, and where to find a buck.

Basic Goat Care: How To Get Started Breeding Goats

Unless you are keeping goats as strictly pets eventually there will come a day when you find yourself breeding goats ...
When it's time to dry off a goat there are a couple methods to choose. Drying off is a good idea to give your goat time to rest before her next lactation.

How To Dry Off A Goat After Lactation

After you breed your goat, you will need to dry her off 6-8 weeks before she has her babies. This ...
Goats are cold hardy, but need a little extra attention in extreme weather. Here are tips on winter goat care!

How To Care For Your Goats In The Winter

When the weather starts getting chilly it's time to start thinking about winter goat care.  Goats are pretty cold hardy ...
You can make your own animal feeds for your goats, rabbits, or chickens!  You can also supplement your purchased feeds for more nutrition!

How To Make Your Own Animal Feeds

Once you've had chickens for a while you may want to experiment with making your own animal feeds. Making your ...
Make an upcycled goat hay manger from an old futon frame. A little creativity goes a long way when building an urban farm on a budget.

How To Make An Upcycled Goat Hay Manger

Everyone says goats will eat anything, but the truth is that they are rather picky! Goats can be very particular ...
What equipment will you need before you start milking your diary goats? Make sure you know before milking a goat!

What Will You Need For Milking A Goat?

Milking a goat seemed very mysterious and difficult the first time I set out to try. And what was I ...
Building a milking stand for your goats doesn't have to be expensive! Here is how to make one using scraps you have around the homestead.

How To Make A Goat Milking Stand For Free Or Cheap

Building a milking stand for your goats doesn't have to be painstaking or expensive! Here is how to make a ...
Fodder feeding sprouted grains to your backyard livestock is a great way to decrease feed costs while giving your chickens, goats, or rabbits a yummy treat.

Fodder Feeding: How To Get Healthy Livestock AND Save Money

Fodder feeding sprouted grains to your backyard livestock is a great way to decrease feed costs while giving your chickens, ...
How do you know if breeding the goats was successful? You may just have to wait five months but there are a few ways to tell.

How To Know If Breeding The Goats Was Successful

Breeding the goats every year or two is part of keeping backyard dairy goats. Once you've mastered basic goat care, ...
Getting goats? It's a good idea to have an overview of basic goat care. Here are the essentials to getting started with goats.

Basic Goat Care For New Goat Keepers

I know when I first started researching goats it was quite overwhelming. They seemed much more complicated then chickens and ...
Storing hay bales in the city takes some creativity but small space hay storage is possible for urban farmers. Here are 3 ways to keep it clean.

3 Affordable Ways Of Storing Hay Even If You Live In The City

Hay bales are iconic of farming, but one of the limitations of keeping animals on a city lot is figuring ...

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