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11 thoughts on “Contact Farming My Backyard”

  1. Two of my 3 chickens were Millie’s and I have one left alone. Does she need a companion, and if so do I need to be careful introducing them?

  2. Two of my 3 chickens were killed leaving one 3 year old all alone. Does she need a companion? If so, do I need to be careful introducing them?

  3. I love your site! I am wanting to get a couple of Nigerian Dwarf goats to have on our farm for our grandchildren. I would like to know what you think I should get and a possible breeder near me. I have already ordered the book you mention on your site. We live in southern Illinois. I would also like to know what type of fencing and housing you suggest for them as well. We want to do this right and it sounds like you are the perfect person to ask!

  4. I have 5 2 of them are losing feathers the other seem fine but the last week I’ve only gotten 2 to 3 eggs and their not drinking much water what do I do?

    • Are they broody? Are they sitting in the nesting box and pulling out their own feathers? If not, I would check for mites.

  5. Do you have and local contacts to get some meat rabbits for breeding. Ive been looking in SA area and cant seem to locate any. Thanks!


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