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About Farming My Backyard

Welcome!  I’m Kathryn Robles editor and writer here at Farming My Backyard.

I’m the author of three urban homesteading books, Baby Steps To Backyard Chickens, Backyard Chickens: How To Have A Happy Flock, and Backyard Orchards. I’ve also contributed articles for Mother Earth Living and Grit.

If you need to get in touch you can reach me via email at kathryn (at) farmingmybackyard (dot) com.

Here on Farming My Backyard you can expect advice on simple living, urban homesteading, and living a more eco-friendly life.

I never expected to find myself farming in the city, but it turns out I love growing my own food!  When people talk about chickens being the gateway drug to farming, they aren’t kidding!  

We brought home our first chicks in spring of 2010 and haven’t looked back since. We started with a small lot, just 5,000 square feet, but we utilized every inch of it. I’ve even managed to overcome my black thumb! (Mostly).

Raising environmentally-aware kids in an 880 square foot house means learning how to be minimalist and what really matters in life. There isn’t any room for fluff (well, except for fluffy chickens!).

As our family and homestead grew, it became apparent that it was time for us to get a bit more elbow room, along with a second bathroom!

We learned how to manage our finances and live frugally, so when an opportunity came to move closer to family in San Antonio, Texas, we jumped!

We now of have a debt-free home on a 1/2 acre lot, a small flock of bantams, solar panels, water barrels, and plenty of garden space and fruit trees.

I love sharing what I learn with others, so I hope you’ll stick around for advice and inspiration on how to live more fully on less.

About Kathryn

About Kathryn Robles from Farming My Backyard

Even from a small age I could be found out wandering the yard, occasionally sampling the dandelions or trying to make rope out of yucca fibers.   

After graduating from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Psychology, my husband and I married and moved to Portland, Oregon.

Here we started urban homesteading and raising our family while my husband, Edward Robles started his tax preparation business as a Certified Tax Preparer and IRS Enrolled Agent.

My family includes my husband and our five children.  In addition to the chickens, we also have a dog and an assortment of cats that like to hog the bed.

Keep in Touch

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If you need to contact me please leave a comment or email me at kathryn (at) farmingmybackyard (dot) com. I am not accepting unsolicited guest posts at this time.  

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marni todd

Thursday 12th of April 2018

is your baby goat that you have on craigslist still available?


Thursday 12th of April 2018

Sorry, she has already gone to her new home.

GeorgeG Mbaga

Tuesday 19th of September 2017

Thank You Kathryn for Sharing With Us a Brilliant Idea, l learn From You How to Raise Chickens For Meat & Eggs in Small Space. Another One is the Tips for Caring and Breeding Rabbit. Here in Tanzania Rural Area we Still Keeping Organic Chickens But the Challenge Chickens Disease. Major Problem is to identify the Disease which Chicken Suffering.Your Knowledge Propelled Me to Keep Moving on that Business,Thanks.


Wednesday 20th of September 2017

I'm glad it was able to help. Good luck with the chickens!

Susan Tierney

Sunday 9th of April 2017

Hi Kathryn - I stumbled upon your site while looking up DIY composting toilets and decided to poke around some more! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your relaxed, clear manner of presenting information and your creative, practical ideas. I've been looking more into self-sufficiency and preparedness recently, but am currently living in more-or-less the suburbs for the foreseeable future, so space is an issue. Plus, my backyard is shady unfortunately. Most importantly, although you mention how your tips can be useful to those prepping for survivalist scenarios, that is neither the tone nor the focus of your site. I greatly appreciate that, as it allows me to look at these ideas as simply a different way of living and do not generate anxiety about what gloom and doom I might be preparing for. Thank you again for your efforts to share this knowledge and the way in which you do.


Monday 10th of April 2017

Thank you so much Susan!


Monday 6th of June 2016

I just live in Vancouver, WA and I wanted to see if you sell rabbits. We are looking to get our homestead started with a trio... Or do you know someone that is interested in selling rabbits? Thanks

Kathryn @ Farming My Backyard

Wednesday 8th of June 2016

All the babies I have right now are one litter from a brother sister pairing. Fine for eating, but not the best quality breeding stock. Have you checked Craigslist? That is how I found mine. Your local feed store may have some, or know of some breeders in the area.