15 Chicken Keeping Mistakes to Avoid

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15 Chicken Keeping Mistakes To Avoid
In general chickens are pretty easy.  Even if you have no experience taking care of an animal a little reading can get you ready prepped for basic chicken care.  They are versatile and work in many different locations, from country, to city.

However, it is possible to make mistakes.  Here’s a list of chicken keeping mistakes that have been made either by me or my neighbors.   Hopefully you can avoid a few of these!


15 Chicken Keeping Mistakes To Avoid

  • Bring them home before you finish their coop
  • Melt your brooder with your heating lamp

And the number one mistake of all…

Don’t learn from your mistakes.

Are Chickens Right For You?

Even if you do make mistakes, don’t let it scare you from raising chickens!

Justin Rhodes of Abundant Permaculture says, “Your worst backyard chicken mistake is till 10X better than the best conventional chicken operation”.

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