DIY Chick Brooder Box

DIY Chick Brooder Box @ Farming My Backyard

We’ve raised four different batches of chicks and this is the year I’ve made an official chick brooder box.  I used the tutorial from Fresh Eggs Daily and I was very pleased so I figured I would share my own results.

I’ll give you a basic idea of what I did but please go look at the tutorial because it has very good step by step directions and I want to make sure I give credit where it belongs.  : )

First I cut a rectangle in the top of my plastic tub.  (I used a pocket knife.)  Then I measured my strips of wood and cut them down to the right size.

Next I cut a piece of chicken wire I had left over from the chicken yard.  (I was out of hardware cloth or I would have used it.  My chicks stay indoors so the chicken wire is more to keep them from flying out then as protection from predators).

Then I drilled holes in the ends of my wood and the plastic tub for the bolts to go through.

I threaded the bolts with the chicken wire between the wood and the tub lid and screwed them on with a nut and washer.

Here are some close up pictures of the front and back of the brooder lid:

DIY Chick Brooder Front @ Farming My Backyard


DIY Brooder Lid  Back @ Farming My Backyard

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