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7 Ways Goats Are Like Cats

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Are goats the new cat? They are if you are the crazy goat lady of the neighborhood! Here are some ways goats are like cats.
I’ve always considered myself a cat person.  Dogs are okay, but they are way too clingy and energetic, and I don’t like being “their” person.  Plus the begging is annoying and you can’t just push them off the kitchen table like the cat because they are bigger.  And they’re on the floor, not the table.  So I was curious when I got goats if they were more like having dogs or cats.  Turns out, goats ARE like cats.

I like being AROUND the cat, and usually cats like to be AROUND me.  At one point we had three cats and I think my husband thought I was on the crazy cat lady route.  We only have one right now and while I’m enjoying the break from the morning “feed me” meows, it does feel a little strange.   I find that I love goats too, and for all the same reasons I love cats.  They’re loyal, but not obsessive, funny, but not clowns, aloof with an air of mystery, yet clingy all at the same time.

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Are goats really all that different from cats?  Here are 7 ways goats are like cats

  • If they can reach it, they will sit on it
  • If the water isn’t clear, they aren’t drinking it
  • Do you have treats?  No?  Leave me alone.
  • If there’s a fence, they will jump over it
  • They are particular about the people they favor
  • If the food isn’t fresh, they aren’t eating it
  • They are curious to their own detriment (curiosity killed the…goat?)

Goats are their own kind of special, but for all you cat people out there wondering if goats are right for you, (because I’m sure there are soooooo many cat people out there wondering if goats are right for them…) know that you understand them.

Kind of.  Sometimes.

Is there such a thing as a crazy goat lady?  How about a crazy cat goat lady?  I think that might be me.  I think the neighbors think that’s me!

How about you?  Dogs, cats, goats, something else?  What’s your favorite animal?

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