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33 Ways You Can Save The Environment

We all want to save the environment.  (If you don’t, you’re probably on the wrong website.  Just saying.)  But what can we do?  We are just individual people.  Can our small actions REALLY make a difference? 

Sure, maybe your CFL lightbulb is a drop in the bucket.  However, one of the best things we can do as individuals is create a culture change  By creating a cultural shift, companies and industries will follow as well.

Can simple actions really make a difference? Here are 33 ways you can save the environment at home and start making simple habit changes.

Making changes in your homes and families and sharing the reasons why with the people around you are great ways to help make a difference in the world.

33 Ways To Save The Environment

The cool thing about most of these steps that you can take is that they will also save you money or can be good for your health!  I love it when things save me money, are good for the world around me, and have health benefits all at the same time.  It’s like being extra efficient at life. 

Last week we took the kids to the coast and to visit the Texas Aquarium.  One of the exhibits there showed how similar plastic bags and jelly fish can look to turtles.  Most of the animals at the Aquarium are there because they are unable to survive in the wild due to injuries.  My kids don’t always understand why I bring my reusable bags to the store, but as they grow up and see how different things connect, they start to appreciate why it’s good to be a little “weird” sometimes. 

What is your favorite simple thing you can do to save the environment from home?  Share in the comments!

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