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21 Reasons Why I Love My Broom

I’ve always loved my broom much more than my vacuum cleaner.  For a while, I even got rid of our vacuum cleaner and rugs because I hated vacuuming so much!  Luckily we have hardwood floors.  My broom has it’s own special hook in the kitchen.   Plus, it’s a hand-made broom with a carved and polished handle, and beautiful dyed straw with multiple colors.  It really is a work of art and it makes me smile every time I use it.  Did you know a broom could be a work of art and that sweeping could be fun?

Here are 21 reasons why I love my broom:

  • I can sweep hay out of the car without having to find an extension cord
  • Sweeping after bedtime won’t wake up the kids
  • It doesn’t scare my dog
  • The cats don’t give me evil glares when it’s time to clean
  • It’s cheap to replace
  • There’s only one piece (the dustpan) that gets lost or broken
  • It can go effortlessly from floor to ceiling with no switching attachments
  • It’s portable and can sweep the porch just as easily as the living room
  • It handles spilled beans and dog food without a problem
  • Brooms goes up and down stairs quickly and easily
  • You can clean during blackouts
  • It doesn’t cost a cent to run
  • Rug fringes never are sucked into the roller
  • I never attempt to change a belt in the middle of cleaning, get sidetracked and lose all the screws
  • It’s light, no heavy lugging
  • It’s easy to store, needs only a few inches in a corner
  • Cuts down on noise pollution in the home
  • No belts, filters, or bags to buy
  • There are plastic free options!
  • Some brooms can be composted when they wear out
  • I get to pretend I’m Cinderella (seriously, it’s a lot harder with a vacuum!)

Saving energy doesn’t have to be difficult!  Here are some other fun ways to cut down on your energy consumption:

I do have a vacuum now because our new house has carpeting in the bedrooms, but I still sweep daily!  Having a few high quality household tools can really make caring for your homestead much more enjoyable.  If homesteading is all about making do and doing without, you’ll get burned out super quickly!  Make sure you make room for the things that bring you joy too!

So, what are some of your favorite ways to save energy, while having fun and enjoying life at the same time?  Share in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “21 Reasons Why I Love My Broom”

  1. I was smiling the whole time I read this post! I have been fantasizing about being done with vacuums for a few months now. I put the upright downstairs, rolled up the high pile rug for giveaway, and squeeled to my husband, “I’ll NEVER have to vacuum again!!” We got wool rugs for by the doors, which can be beat/shaken.
    But I still use the canaster vacuum every week. I should just put it downstairs too and give the broom a full test drive. When the vacuum bags are all gone I really don’t see myself buying more of them. I know that I will not use it in our next house, so it’s just deciding when to make the jump. I need a good dustpan to give the broom a fair chance though… unless cardboard still works!

    • Oh how exciting for you!

      I was so excited the day I sold my big vacuum. I had let it sit for a few months before I was really sure I wanted to live without it. I do have a little hand held vacuum (just in case) and I’ve never used it. You need a dustpan though! At least I do! But I have lots of pet fur and kid dirt, and it blows off easily while I’m throwing it away.

      I feel like the house is cleaner because all the dirt comes up with a broom instead of getting ground deep into the carpets.

      • Broom switch update – All is well!
        I started using my broom that day and I love it. My house is cleaner because I don’t procrastinate with sweeping like I did with vacuuming. It is an interesting experience to actually see the dirt we accumulate, and very motivating! It is a peaceful part of my rouine, like you mentioned, Cinderalla-ish. 🙂 I also took the rugs outside and beat them good with that same broom – then I felt more wild than domestic – also good! 😉
        I still need to get a good dust pan. We have one that doesn’t lay evenly on the floor, which is quite pesky.
        It feels so good to make this change. Feels like I am lighter on the inside. It is nice to share it with someone who understands!
        Take Care!

        • Awesome! I’m so glad to hear it’s going well! I actually broke one broom beating rugs once, but it was plastic and old… Yeah, a good dustpan is super nice to have. Congratulations on the switch!


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