Planting Garlic is Easy! Here’s How To Do It

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Planting Garlic is Easy!Maybe you like a challenge, maybe you forgot to order seeds.  Whatever the reason, you find yourself wanting to grow something but lacking in little paper envelopes.   But don’t despair, just raid your pantry for some gardening goodness!  You can grow garden vegetables right from the ones in the grocery store.  I have never bought seed garlic, yet I’ve been growing enough garlic for our family for several years now.  At first it was just regular old garlic from the store, but now I’m planting garlic that I originally  saved from a CSA basket.  It is a hardneck variety, so it’s fun to get the scapes AND the cloves.

Planting Garlic is Easy

No seriously, it’s so easy, even I have yet to mess it up.  And that means it’s REALLY easy.  I am the person who killed blackberries.  Just saying.  And you can plant garlic in the fall, which is awesome, because it spreads the garden joy out a little further into the year.

Okay, ready to hear how to do it?  Drumroll please….

Break the head up into individual cloves and then you put them in the ground pointy side up, about six inches apart.  Dig it up in the spring.


I told you garlic was awesome.

If you really wanted to make it harder, you certainly are welcome to do that.  I’ve even included some links below for all you over achievers to look through.  I’m just happy it’s alive.  Now, I will admit I mulch and add compost to all my garden beds, and I usually will loosen up the soil before planting.  But I’ve skipped that part before and it hasn’t died.  So yay!

Go plant garlic!


Hardneck or Softneck?  What kind of garlic do you grow?
Get ready to plant garlic!
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