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Firewood Rack Ideas

Whether you heat with a wood burning stove, use a fireplace for ambiance, or like to have an outdoor fire pit, you need a place to store your firewood! Here are some firewood storage ideas for you. A firewood rack can be as simple or as fancy as you want!

Firewood Rack DIY

Making your own firewood rack doesn’t have to be difficult. The simplest DIY solution is to stack your firewood on some old pallets.

Firewood on pallets is raised off the ground to prevent dry rot and bugs. It has airflow underneath it so it can cure well. Pallets are not too difficult to find, sometimes even free!

Firewood For Life even has a cool idea to use simple t-posts and a pallet to make a great firewood holder for almost nothing.

You can also make a great firewood organizer out of simply 2x4s. If you make it 4 feet by 2 feet and about 4 feet tall it will hold 1/4 of a cord.

This is a great way to keep track of how many cords you have and easily tell how much firewood you burn each season.

This Old House has firewood rack plans you can follow.

Firewood Rack With Roof

If you are able, a firewood rack with a cover is the best option. This will keep your wood dry even during wet winter weather, and means less stacking it on porches and such to dry out before you bring it in the house.

Pretty Handy Girl has a great tutorial on how to build a little firewood shed with a roof.

You can even make a firewood shed with a roof out of scrap wood or fencing.

Here’s a video on how to put together a basic rack for firewood outdoor storage, including a nice little roof. This won’t keep your wood dry in super windy storms, but it’s still pretty helpful to keep it tidy.

Here’s another example of a basic firewood shed with a roof.

And of course it’s nice to have a chopping block and ax nearby your firewood storage shed for splitting logs and kindling.

You can also use an already existing garage or shed on your property to store wood.

I love the design in the picture above. No reason not to have fun with firewood!

Here are some more examples to inspire you.

So tranquil.

Once again, stacked wood can be a beautiful thing.

I love that these are made out of timbers likely from the very trees that provided the wood.

Love the quantity of wood!

Adding wood stacked in different directions helps large piles stay more stable.

Pre-built Firewood Racks

While you can make your own firewood storage, there are pre-built racks available to purchase as well.

Lowes and Home Depot usually offer options if you don’t have a local wood stove store in your area.

My own firewood rack near the house is a large welded metal hoop. I love it!

Here is a smaller log holder (similar to mine) that is available from Amazon.

If you had metal working skills you could even make your own.

Firewood Outdoor Storage Ideas

And of course you don’t even need a rack or shed to store your firewood.

Here is a collection of images of various ways of stacking and covering firewood stored outdoors.

Be careful what type of siding you stack next to, as firewood often has bugs hanging around.

This pile is quite tall, but it does have some supports for safety.

A simple tarp can be surprisingly effective at keeping wood dry.

Trees make their own effective firewood storage

Here’s another example of a “nature made” firewood rack!

And a third example!

These stacks likely shed water very well due to their haystack shape.

Stacking wood in this manner makes it pretty easy to stack anywhere and move your roof and base once the wood is gone.

Here’s another example of a “pop up” style fire wood rack.

Obviously not an urban homestead, but what a great idea!

Love the house in the background of this one. It’s obviously rural, but very tidy.

Firewood Rack Indoor Ideas

And of course it’s nice to have a little stash of firewood stacked indoors so you don’t have to run outside or to the firewood storage in the cold and wet weather.

You can use something as simple as a basket, or as fancy as a built in nook in your living room!

Here’s a simple reusable grocery bag repurposed to hold some kindling.

I believe this is an example of the circular rack from Amazon that I linked above.


Here’s a similar style indoors.

And another example of a basket of kindling.

These built in shelves are so sleek and modern.

As are these!

Just because you use firewood doesn’t mean you have to go with a rustic vibe indoors.

But if you do want rustic, a simple metal holder is top notch!

This is likely a rack kept near the house but not directly indoors.

Pinecones make amazing kindling, by the way.

Love this sleek wood shelf with the angles on top.

This is image is most likely not from the United States, but it’s a great idea on how to incorporate wood storage.

And here’s an example that may be more practical for many of us.

There is no one right way to store your firewood, so I hope this post gives you lots of ideas on ways to stack and store your firewood inside and out!

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