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How to Make an Upcycled Pallet Planter for Cheap

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How to Make an Upcycled Pallet Planter for Cheap by Farming My Backyard

Making a pallet planter is a quick way to increase the vertical planting space in your garden.  If you find free or cheap pallets it’s much cheaper than purchasing any sort of planter system at the store.  You may even be able to find the landscape cloth cheap too.  I used some that was used at our house by previous owners.  We had pulled it up to put in the garden and instead of throwing it away, repurposed it into vertical growing space!  Pallet planters can be a fun way of working in a little more gardening space to a patio or rental property.

Here’s how to make a pallet planter:

  1. Find pallets.  These can be found on the side of the road, in dumpsters, or on craigslist.  Businesses also give them away, but make sure you ask first as some will re-use them.
  2. Cover the back of the pallet with landscape cloth and staple it down securely.  Not sure what landscape cloth is, or can’t find any to reuse?  You can buy landscape cloth here.  Staple the cloth across the bottom. Make sure the bottom is well stapled; you do not want your dirt and plants to fall out the first time you stand it up!
  3. If you want to paint them fun colors do it now, and wait until they dry.
  4. Fill your planters with potting soil, or a mix of soil and compost.
  5. Plant into the spaces between the slats.  Strawberries and herbs are a good choice.  Plant them closely to cover as much of the space as possible.
  6. Water them!  You don’t want thirsty plants!
  7. Leave the pallets lying horizontal for a few days to allow your plants to root securely.
  8. Stand up the pallets where you want them!  Make sure to water frequently, as pallet planters can dry out quickly in hot weather.
  9. Enjoy your new garden!

And there you have it, a cheap and easy project that will expand your garden space and can be taken with you if you have to move.  Yay for more strawberries!  Have any landscaping cloth left over?  Try making some potting bags and planting some raspberries or other shrubs!

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