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The Most Important Gifts for Chicken Lovers You Should Buy

When you are buying gifts you don’t want to buy something that’s just going to tossed into a closet and forgotten!  How do you pick out a thoughtful and useful gift for the chicken keeper in your life?  Here are some ideas for the most important gifts for chicken lovers!

Don't buy something that's just going to get tossed into a closet and forgotten!  Here are some ideas for the most important gifts for chicken lovers!

15 Great Gifts For Chicken Lovers


Invariably when you have chickens, questions come up that you can’t answer on your own.  Having great books to reference at the drop of a hat can be invaluable.  Here are some of my favorite chicken keeping books:

The Small Scale Poultry Flock

This book is essential if you want to learn how to raise pastured chickens or start your own breeding flock.  It also has great advice for even the smallest back yard flock.  If the chicken keeper in your life doesn’t have this book yet, they need it!

The Chicken Health Handbook

Chickens come up with mysterious symptoms all the time.  Put your chicken lover’s mind at ease with this comprehensive book on chicken wellness.  This book is essential for all chicken keepers!

Free Range Chicken Gardens

Did you know you can have a beautiful yard AND happy chickens?  This book will tell you how.  The beautiful pictures are inspirational for any backyard chicken enthusiast.

Colorful Chickens and Roosters Coloring Book For Adults

Winter can be long, and it can be hard for chicken keepers to wait until spring.  This coloring book is perfect for snuggling up on a chilly night after the chickens are tucked into their coop.


Most chicken keepers are frugal souls, and even though they may drool over the fancy chicken keeping equipment, they’re not likely to buy it for themselves.  Here are some useful tools you can gift them:

Egg Gathering Apron

This cute egg gathering apron is both cute and practical.  Throw it on before heading out to feed the birds and carry the eggs back in while keeping your hands free!


Chickens love mealworms, but they can get expensive to buy.  Help your favorite chicken feeder be the talk of the flock with a giant back of their favorite treat.

Waterproof Boots

Chicken yards can get muddy and wet, especially in the winter and spring.  Every chicken lover wants to keep their toes dry when taking care of their flock, and bonus points if their boots are cute too!

Chicken Swing

Who says all chicken gifts have to be for the humans?  Get this chicken swing as a gift and help your favorite person have a happy and entertained flock.

Predator Deterrent Light

No chicken lover wants to see their flock attacked by predators.  Get this deterrent light as a gift to help keep their chickens safe.

Automatic Chicken Door

If you really love your chicken keeper, get them an automatic chicken door.  Nothing beats being able to sleep in even when the chickens are up at the crack of dawn!

For Fun

Sometimes it’s okay to be silly.  Here are some chicken themed gifts that are just for fun.

Chicken Socks

Ever have a reason to have a crazy sock day?  These will be the craziest of the group!

Chicken Signs

Decorating your chicken run isn’t necessary, but it sure can be amusing.  Here are a couple lighthearted signs to hang up.

Chicken Stuffed Animals

Kids love to carry around chickens, but some stuffed chickens can be amusing instead.

Chicken Purse

My daughter got this chicken purse as a present a few years ago and it’s a great conversation starter.  Want to be a bit daring and cement your reputation as a crazy chicken lady?  Carry a chicken purse!

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