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Free Homesteading Courses For You!

Get started homesteading no matter where you live with these free courses!

Starting a new endeavor can be overwhelming.  There’s just so much to do!  These courses help break it down into manageable steps.  Get started today!

Grow Your Own Fruit In The City

Imagine strolling through your yard and grabbing a perfectly ripe fruit, freshly picked peach!  Growing your own fruit is easy! You plant it once and it gives you a crop year after year.  Find out how in the Backyard Orchards free email course.

Get Started Gardening Course

Do you have a black thumb?  Are you gardening in a new location?  Or maybe you’ve never grown a garden before at all!  The Get Started Gardening free e-course will help you get started on the right foot.

Your Crash Course To Raising Goats In The City

Did you know there are miniature goats that will give you milk, even if you don’t have a big place in the country?  Stop waiting for your dreams to come true in the magical future and get started raising goats, no matter where you live!

Not sure if goats will work in your yard?  This course will help you figure it out!

Get Started With Backyard Chickens Course

Have you been thinking about getting chickens, but aren’t sure how to get started?  How do you know if they are legal where you live?  What kind of housing should you have for them? Here’s a quick course and free checklist to help you get started!

Get started keeping chickens with a free course and printable checklist! (2)



Want To Grow Fruit In The City?

You can save money at the grocery store without a time intensive garden or committing to raising livestock. Sign up for the Backyard Orchards email course today!

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