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How to Make Soda Bottle Greenhouses

Soda bottle greenhouses are an easy way to start your seeds indoors, or even winter sown seeds outdoors.  They are cheap and easy to make!

If you are like me, you are forgetful.  And if you are forgetful, sometimes you forget to water the seedlings.  And when you forget to water the seedlings, they die.  So I was pretty excited when I experimented with making simple recycled soda bottle greenhouses to start seedlings in.  

You can use these to plant seeds in the winter right into the garden (check out Winter Sown for more information on that), for seeds that need to experience a cold period before sprouting, or you can use them indoors to create a humid environment ideal for fragile seedlings.

The first time I tried to sprout seedlings indoors the only thing that wasn’t a horrific failure was cilantro.  After making these soda bottle greenhouses I was actually able to sprout tomatoes!  The tomatoes were especially exciting because I had learned how to save my own tomato seed.  Try it!

I have a terrible time remembering to water things, and invariably I forget to water, then well meaning, but misguided, I tend to over water and drown the poor things.

Make Your Own Soda Bottle Greenhouses!

Fortunately, soda bottle greenhouses retain some of the moisture longer, meaning if you forget to spritz some water on your plants three times a day (or however often they need it), it’s a little more forgiving.  

They also retain heat, which means you don’t need to be as reliant on a heat mat, especially if you keep your house on the cool side.

They are so super simple to make and keep up with.  The hardest part is finding soda bottles!  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Wash the bottle
  2. Remove the label
  3. Cut bottle 3/4 of the way around it’s middle
  4. Add soil, seed, and a bit of water
  5. Add water if soil becomes dry

Easy, simple, and cheap is perfect!

How To Make Soda Bottle Greenhouses

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