Rabbits are a great choice of livestock for small and urban farms.  They don’t take up much space, are very quiet, and when managed correctly can provide meat, pelts, and possibly fiber for your family.

Rabbits can be one of the most efficient protein sources. They are also an ideal livestock to keep in an urban situation because they need little space, and are so quiet. Rabbits can also be prolific! Our breeding trio supplies a good portion of the meat our family eats each year.

There are two ways to raise rabbits. You can house them individually in hutches, or you can raise them in a group. Basic rabbit care is pretty much the same regardless of how they are housed. Click here for more information on what it takes to raise rabbits.

Rabbit colonies can be trickier to successfully implement, but they do have their own advantages. If you’d like an overview of colony raising rabbits, click here.

An important part of keeping rabbits is knowing how well they are producing for you. I’ve added a printable rabbit breeding tracker to the subscribers only page. It will help you know when to complete breeding related rabbit chores, and help you see at a glance which rabbits are your most productive and what to expect.

Read more about raising meat rabbits in the city!

If you are dreaming of more space in the country with pasture land, rabbits may be a great way to get your feet wet and start raising your own livestock.

How To Make Super Easy Rabbit Stock

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Is my rabbit pregnant? Whether you are a pet keeper, or raising for meat, you may want to know if you rabbit is going to have babies.

Is My Rabbit Pregnant?

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Basic Rabbit Care Here is What You Need To Do

Basic Rabbit Care: Here’s What You Need To Do

Basic rabbit care is pretty simple, and doesn't always take a lot of time.  Raising rabbits can be a fun ...
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How To Resuscitate Baby Bunnies (Even If They Look Dead)

How To Resuscitate Baby Bunnies (Even If They Look Dead)

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Is Your Buck A Bully In The Rabbit Colony

Is Your Buck a Bully In the Rabbit Colony?

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Are Your Rabbits Cold? How To Care For Rabbits In Winter

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Peter Rabbit Pot Pie Recipe

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Are rabbits a good addition to your homestead?

Are Rabbits Right For You?

Rabbits are often touted as one of the ideal animals for small homesteaders to raise. While they can be excellent ...
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Summer Rabbit Care

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Colony Raising Rabbits: How To Get Started

Colony Raising Rabbits: How To Get Started

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How To Make Your Own Animal Feeds

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How To Care For Baby Bunnies

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The Rabbits are Here!

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Here's a DIY nest box for rabbits or chickens that you can make out of scrap lumber.

DIY Nest Box for Rabbits or Chickens

I want rabbits. Edward does not. So I built nesting boxes for rabbits. Just in case we need them. Just ...
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