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Here’s How To Make Creamy Rabbit Gravy

If you have just started raising rabbits you may be wondering what sorts of foods you can cook with rabbit.  The answer is just about anything!  Many people compare rabbit to chicken, and while the texture is slightly beefier, you can use rabbit in any recipe that calls for chicken in it.  One of my favorite ways to cook with rabbit is to make a delicious rabbit gravy and serve it over rice.

What can you cook with rabbit meat? Just about anything! Here's how to make creamy rabbit gravy to serve over rice or pasta.

Here’s how to make creamy rabbit gravy:

The first step in making rabbit gravy is to debone the rabbit.  Once you know how to debone the rabbit there are all kinds of possibilities on things to cook!  It takes me a while to do it, but I’m getting faster every time I do.  Here’s an awesome video on how to debone a rabbit.  Once your rabbit is deboned, chop it into bite size pieces and start cooking it in a skillet with plenty of butter.

As the meat cooks, add chopped onion and garlic (Homegrown for extra points!) to the skillet and let it cook.  Once your onion is cooked down, add a tablespoon of flour and let it brown while you stir.  Next, add in 1-2 cups of milk until the roux is a good consistency for your tastes.  You could also make the base sauce using rabbit broth if you have any on hand.  Once the roux is thick, melt in a block of cream cheese.  You can add more broth or milk if it’s too thick at this point.  Add salt and pepper to taste, and you’re done!  It’s a quick and easy dinner, and super delicious!

Creamy Rabbit Gravy Recipe

1 deboned rabbit
1/2 cup butter
1 onion
3 heads garlic
1 tablespoon flour
1-2 cups milk or rabbit broth
8 oz cream cheese
salt and pepper

  1.  Chop the rabbit meat, garlic and onion and cook in butter.
  2.  Add flour and stir for several minutes
  3.  Slowly add milk until roux is thick
  4. Melt in cream cheese
  5. Salt and pepper to taste
  6. Eat!

My kids love this over rice, but you could also serve it on top of home grown vegetables for a completely home grown meal that’s also paleo and keto friendly.

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