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6 Unique Plant Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Just because we are urban homesteaders doesn’t mean we can’t have beautiful homes as well. Thankfully, plants work great for both purposes! Here are some plant decorating ideas you can use to beautify your house on the inside!

There are many plants that are more than happy to grow indoors. Some of them are even edible too! And even plants that are just nice to look at help clean our air. They also can calm down loud rooms, and add a pop of color without a lot of fussy decorations.

Here are some plant decorating ideas you can use to beautify your house on the inside.  Homesteading doesn't have to mean rustic!

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Plant Decorating Ideas For Inside Your House

Decorate With A Statement Plant

Many people think of tiny pots when they are talking about houseplants, but there is no reason not to go big. You could put an entire dwarf fruit tree in a corner of the living room or other tucked away spot. Choose an attractive pot, and add a stool to raise it up higher.

This is a great bold way that won’t require a lot of maintenance too. Larger pots won’t need watered as often.

Put a Plant In The Shower

Add some tropical plants into your shower for happy plants and a beautiful bathroom. When selecting plants, you will need varieties that prefer humid environments. If you have a very bright bathroom with lots of natural light you can get more sun loving plants. If your bathroom is more dim, pick plants that don’t mind the low light levels.

Spider plants, pothos, and philodendrons are all common houseplant varieties that would do well in a shower or a bathroom. Pothos can even grow in water, without any soil! I especially like setting one on the side of the bathroom sink.

Put Plants On A Bar Cart

A lot of small plants can look amazing when all grouped together. Pick out an awesome bar cart that matches your decor and use it house all the little bits and bobs, small plants, and garden starts before they get planted out. This is a great way to incorporate your outdoor plants into your home decor without having to look super rustic or “farm-y”

Glam Up Propagation

So many plants grow well from cuttings, that it’s crazy not to grow your own. Instead of having these plants overrun your decorations, put them in quirky and fun vases and containers and use them to decorate! My husband has a vintage cookie jar that has since broken its lid. It’s sentimental, so we display it with some plants inside! It’s currently housing an aloe vera baby that was just split from it’s mama plant.

Use Cut Branches In Vases

If you are like me, you are liable to kill many, many plants. If you can’t keep houseplants alive, but still like the look of them, try some cut branches and flowers from your own yard. Even the most common weed might look totally different when added to an attractive vase.

We have many hackberry trees growing in our yard. I brought some branches in and placed them in a half gallon mason jar. Even though they’re considered a “junk tree”, those little cut branches added a nice pop of green in the corner of the dining room.

Another time I cut three palm branches for a centerpiece. They actually lasted almost a month in water! Other great options include rosemary stems, interesting grasses, and branches trimmed from fruit trees. Look for plants with interesting textures and vary the heights of the items in the vase.

Add Lights To Plant Groupings

Some plants prefer having more light than we sometimes have in our houses. This is especially true of many common edible plants. If you add a light fixture, or even string lights to your plant groupings they will dress up your house and become even more eye catching while also helping the plants stay happier.

Whenever you want to decorate with some plants think about how to add another light with your plants as well.

Hopefully these plant decorating ideas will help you grow more AND enjoy a more beautiful home!

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