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How To Make Money Homesteading

My nine year old sometimes talks about being a farmer when he grows up. He has visions of growing his own food, selling his produce and meat and supporting his family from this work. I nod and encourage his ideals, because even though it may be hard, it IS possible to make money homesteading.

Nowadays it’s much more common to have a traditional job and farm as a side hustle or hobby. But it’s also possible to make a living from your land if you have the motivation. Regardless of whether you want a full time career as a farmer, or just want a little spare cash to fund your chicken feed, here are some ideas on how you can monetize your homestead.

It's possible to make a living from your land if you have the motivation.  Here are some ideas on how you can make money homesteading.

44 Ways To Make Money Homesteading

  1. Sell potted plants. You can take splittings, runners, or cuttings of your own plants to propagate potted plants to sell. This is especially fun as you can use creative and fun pots. You can also start seeds for transplanting for people who have a hard time starting their own. There are many different types of plants you could choose from such as herbs, flowers, landscaping plants, natives, and garden vegetables).
  2. Save seeds and sell them! Cute packaging is a must for this one. Make sure to use heirloom plants so the seeds grow into the same variety.
  3. Sell mature vegetables. If you have a large garden you may be able to grow produce for friends and neighbors or start your own CSA. It’s also possible to see fresh produce at the farmers market or to local restaurants. Other produce to sell at farmers markets include fresh herbs and dried herbs.
  4. Give farm tours. People love to see other people’s homes and property and many enjoy seeing where their food comes from. This pairs especially well if you are also running a CSA.
  5. You can make premium products such as jams, jellies, salsa, baked goods, spice blends, or dried fruits. Double check your state cottage industry laws on this one as some may require a commercial kitchen.
  6. Sell natural decorations such as fresh grapevine or evergreen wreaths, or pumpkins and gourds for fall decorations.
  7. Sell knitting or crochet items or patterns.
  8. Sell beauty products! You can make your own or buy in bulk and repackage them with cute or witty branding.
  9. Make and sell wooden products such as garden signs, or DIY chicken coop kits. These don’t have to be complicated. My husband once bought some simple homemade wooden coasters from an outdoor fair.
  10. Or sell pre-made garden boxes and chicken coops.
  11. Offer dog boarding or pet sitting. If you have plenty of space you can set up different pens or yards to keep the animals separated.
  12. Offer yard work or gardening for others on their property.
  13. Raise broilers, eggs, chicks, or even heritage breeds!
  14. Grow an orchard or berry field and offer pick your own.
  15. Sell honey and beeswax if you have your own hives! You could also rent out an extractor or make and sell your own beeswax candles.
  16. Grow mushrooms and sell them! Or create grow your own mushroom kits to sell.
  17. Sell fiber for knitters if you raise fiber animals like goats, rabbits, or sheep.
  18. If you have any sewing skills you could do alternations, custom projects, or even just basic mending.
  19. Offer classes! Good topics include raising chickens, bread making, fiber arts, etc.
  20. If you have property grow wildflowers and offer to rent it out for photography sessions.
  21. Grow redworms for fishing or composting.
  22. You can sell compost, firewood, hay or straw to those without as much space.
  23. Rent out your property for events such as weddings or parties.
  24. If you have a male goat or other livestock offer stud services.
  25. Host a petting zoo with your friendly livestock.
  26. Sell guinea or peacock feathers.
  27. Rent goats out for weed control.
  28. Sell kefir or sourdough starters.
  29. Sell cut flowers, or cut your own flowers!
  30. Sell your own animal products such as milk, cheese, or beef (in accordance with your local laws).
  31. Sell tilapia or hydroponics grown vegetables.
  32. Create a bed and breakfast farm experience.
  33. Sell fertilized eggs for chickens, ducks, or quail.
  34. Sell quail eggs!
  35. Host homeschool farming classes.
  36. Start a christmas tree farm.
  37. Sell microgreens!
  38. Rent out bee hives for pollination.
  39. Breed specialized dogs and train them.
  40. Or offer dog training for other people’s dogs!
  41. Rent out your space for vehicle storage for people with boats, RVs, or limited parking for multiple vehicles.
  42. Plant a corn maze!
  43. Design rainwater solutions and offer consultations.
  44. Offer fence repair services for your fellow country dwellers.

Obviously not every idea is right for every person or every property, but I hope this list can spark the perfect way to make money homesteading for you and your homestead!

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