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How to Improve Home Interiors with Indoor Plants

Not only do container gardens solve a lot of problems we find in traditional outdoor gardens, you can improve home interiors with indoor plants.  Your personal space can look much more beautiful and even have health benefits just by growing plants indoors!

There are many benefits to having indoor plants.  They are great for your health, beautify your surroundings, and are a great budget friendly decorating option. 

Indoor plants are great for your health, beautify your surroundings, and are a great budget friendly decorating option. 

Indoor Plants Increase Indoor Humidity

Everyone assumes that plants take carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, but they can also improve your environment in different ways.  While plants DO take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen the actual noticeable effect in a home is incredibly small (source). 

However, they can impact the humidity level in your household through a process called transpiration.  Transpiration occurs when the plant draws moisture up through its roots and out through the small pores called stomata.  

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When the air around you is dry, more moisture is released into your home.  Some plants release more moisture than others.  Generally, the larger the leaf the more humidity is released.  Some popular plants that are good for indoor humidity are indoor palms, spider plants, english ivy, weeping fig, jade, and boston fern. 

Of course if your plants are parched they won’t have any moisture to transpire for your benefit, so it’s a good idea to keep them moist and well watered. 

Indoor Plants Are Good For Your Health

Believe it or not, plants are good for your mental health.  Taking care of them can reduce stress, relieve fatigue and improve your concentration (source).  Gardening outside has similar effects, but not all of us have the opportunity to garden outdoors. 

Even just taking care of a few houseplants can be beneficial.  An added bonus is that you can choose plants and herbs that have medicinal qualities too.  Aloe vera leaves can be great for inflammation and small burns and it grows well indoors. 

Aromatic herbs such as rosemary and lavender need a sunny spot, but their cheerful scents are great aromatherapy around the house.  Plus, even just looking at beauty is good for our mental well being!

Indoor Plants Are Great For Decorating

Plants are a low budget way to beautify your space even if you can’t paint or decorate in other ways.  Many people are renters and unable to paint.  Or you may move frequently and not want to put a lot of effort into re-decorating every time you move. 

Even if you’ve stayed in the same place for a long time it can be nice to have a refresh of your surroundings periodically.  Compared to many other options, plants can be a great lower budget option. 

Sometimes we get nervous about adding bright colors in our homes, but plants can be a great source of non-scary color in a room.  They’re also a great way to fill odd spots in your floor plan without having to run out and purchase a bunch of random stuff. 

How have houseplants improved your home? Share in the comments!

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