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14 Great Ideas for Your Backyard In June

June weather is perfect backyard weather for almost everywhere! In the south it’s just starting to heat up, but isn’t crazy hot yet. In northern areas it’s finally starting to dry out a bit from spring rains. It’s a great time to hang out outside and enjoy your yard. Here are 14 great ideas for your backyard that you can do in June!

Great Ideas For Your Backyard

Build a fire pit

A fire pit is a classic way to create a gathering spot in your yard. It’s great in chilly areas to utilize those evening hours too. Depending on your local laws, you may be able to build your own fire pit.

Even if you aren’t allowed a traditional open fire, you can still get that great ambiance with fire pits that run on propane. Think barbecue, but way cooler!

And there are many different styles of fire pits, so you can surely find something that suites your personal style too.

Play kick ball

June is a great time of year for backyard games. And some of the simplest and most fun require only a basic ball and willing participants. Our family really enjoys kickball, but other great options include soccer and volleyball, or even basketball if you have a net!

Hang up a hammock

Hammocks are a great way to relax and are fun for both kids and grown ups. We mounted a couple hooks securely on our deck and added some hammock swings. If you have trees or build a hammock stand, Wise Owl Outfitters has a great camping hammock that’s rated to 500 pounds and can hold two people.

We’ve hung ours on our swing set, from trees, and from our porch hammock mounts, and it’s very sturdy and easy to hang. It’s also to put away and store in bad weather. Plus I love all the color options.

Host a potluck

June is a great time of year to have your friends over to visit because you can utilize all your outdoor space. If you’re into barbecuing, fire that up, and have everyone bring sides to share! Summer outdoor potlucks are one of the easiest way to start hosting. Even if you don’t have a lot of furniture, blankets spread in the grass make for a great picnic night.

Add string lights

Great lighting is crucial both inside and outside. Hanging string lights around your patio or yard can really make the space feel special. It also helps encourage you to linger longer outdoors even once the sun goes down. And if mosquitoes or heat chase you indoors, you can still enjoy their beauty through a window.

Go bat watching or firefly watching

Depending on where you live you may be able to go firefly watching in June! Fireflies were a total surprise to us when we moved to Texas. Before we’d only seen them on television. But now it’s one of our favorite times of the year. If you don’t have fireflies, keep your eyes on the sky for bats! They’re also exciting to spot.

Add potted plants to your patio

If you have a patio, porch, deck, or any other outside space, make sure you add some potted plants! You can choose edible container gardens for extra gardening space. Or you can just enjoy some beautiful flowers!

Flowers that usually bloom in June include petunias, roses, peonies, ice plant, lavender, bee balm, shasta daisies, hyssop, hydrangeas, and lots more.

Create garden paths

Lure yourself away from your house and into your backyard with inviting garden paths! Garden paths can turn a boring backyard into an exciting oasis, and they don’t have to be hard to create. You can make one with pavers that can be easily mowed. You could make a garden path with cut stump pieces, or you could use landscaping cloth and mulch for easy garden paths!

Edge pathways with solar lights

Whether you have already existing garden paths or are adding new ones, add solar lights to the edges to make them magical. Lighting, lighting, lighting! You CANNOT go wrong with great lighting in the garden.

Encourage vines up an arbor

Growing vines up an arbor or garden arch is another great way to improve your backyard in June. If you are in cooler areas, you can grow cool weather vines, like peas. And in the summer, this can be a great way to squish some squash into your landscaping.

Play lawn games

Even if you aren’t into sporty games or balls flying raucously towards your head, there are still plenty of enjoyable lawn games. Maybe try a giant domino set or chessboard. Perhaps jenga as tall as you are built from 2x4s? And of course there’s always classic croquet.

Add a fountain

Whether you have space for a gorgeous koi pond, or a modest running fountain, adding a water feature can beautiful your space and give you a calming area to enjoy. If you have small kids there are fountains that you can make or buy that have no standing water.

Make a fort

Have fun outside by making a fort. If you have kids this is a great way to make the yard more intriguing for a couple days. You can build a simple one out of sheets and blankets, go all out with a custom made build, or incorporate a small hideout into your garden with a tripod trellis with beans growing up it.

Outdoor movie night

Always a classic, outdoor movie nights are still fun. Simple projectors that sync up with your phone are easy to buy nowadays, and all you need is a white sheet or blank wall to project onto. Add popcorn and enjoy!

I hope these 14 great ideas for your backyard help you think of some ways you can enjoy your outdoor space a little more!

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