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Do You Make These Minimalist Closet Mistakes?

Having a more minimalist closet is a great way to save time and streamline your life. By downsizing your clothes you can maximize storage space and have a well curated wardrobe of items that look the best on you. However, you don’t want to get rid of the wrong things! Here are some common mistakes people make that you can avoid.

Having a more minimalist closet is a great way to save time and streamline your life.  By downsizing your clothes you can have a well curated wardrobe of items.

Decluttering Without a Plan

Decluttering can be really fun. There’s a little bit of a high that comes with getting rid of stuff and seeing those spaces fresh and clean and spacious. However, if you simply get rid of items without a plan, you WILL bring them all back in. Don’t waste your money buying items that you will only get rid of again.

Instead, take a look at what clothing you use all the time. What are your favorite outfits? What clothing always makes you feel great when you wear it? Try to distill what it is that makes those pieces so successful for you. When you know what works, you can replicate that over and over. You won’t need to buy something to try, if you know what you like and what you want.

Copying Someone Else

You may have seen those lists of wardrobe must have items that say something along the lines of everyone needs a little black dress and a white button up shirt. Well, guess what? You don’t. We all have different lifestyles, climates, responsibilities, hobbies, and preferences.

I may be an urban farmer, but I hate jeans. I used to try to buy jeans because I felt like I “should.” Wearing clothes that aren’t your personal style is never fun. Now I happily feed my chickens and muck around the garden in a dress without any feelings of guilt. And guess what? They wash up just as well as pants!

Don’t keep or buy something just because it’s on someone else’s list of necessities.

Buying Poor Quality Clothes

Once you know what you’re looking for it makes clothes shopping much easier. Instead of browsing a store for whatever strikes your fancy, go in with a purpose. You know what you like, what colors look good on you, and what types of clothes fit your lifestyle. Don’t get distracted by poor quality, trendy items that won’t last.

If you need something super cheap, get it at the thrift store! Especially if you enjoy the thrill of the hunt for the perfect thing. But if you’re going to take the time to buy something new, make sure it’s something you will use for years to come, and then buy the best quality you can.

You will enjoy wearing well made clothes, they will look better on you. In the long run you will save money because you won’t be replacing them constantly, and they are usually more repairable.

You can also buy fewer items when they are well made because they will hold up better to more uses. This also keeps worn out items from filling up landfills.

I don’t have to worry about having enough of a particular item of clothing when I have a well made piece. I can quickly wash and dry anything I need in an hour or two after putting on pajamas and have it ready for the next day if needed. (With a family of 8, we always seem to have a full load ready for the washer!) Poorer quality items break down with frequent washing.

I love my minimalist closet!

Because I only keep clothes that I know I will wear, I am able to utilize my small closet very effectively. It’s easy to find the things that I need, and I even have space left over to hang up the toddler and baby clothes for my two youngest. This saves me time when putting away laundry and when getting people ready.

It’s easy to want your wardrobe to be perfect, but it’s likely you will never have every single piece be perfect at the same time. It’s okay to have it be a work in progress. New items come in as older ones wear out. As your lifestyle changes, you clothes can change as well. You don’t have to feel guilty and hold onto something when it doesn’t work for you.

The secret to a great minimalist closet and avoiding many of these potential mistakes is to really get to know yourself and not worry too much about what anyone else is doing.

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