Here’s Why Homestead Cats Are The Best

Cats are one of the best animals to have around the homestead.  They have many different uses, they make great companions, and they’re easy to care for.  Even if you’re not a “cat person” they’re still nice to have around.  Do you have homestead cats?  If you don’t, you should! Cats are actually one of … Read more

How To Learn How To Wildcraft

There are an abundance of lovely and useful plants that we can plant in our yards and gardens.  And there are even more available to us in our surrounding areas.  By learning how to wildcraft, you can expand your number of species available to you, even if you have no yard of your own. Many … Read more

3 Popular Ways of Preserving Garlic From Your Garden

Garlic is one of my all time favorite plants to grow.  It’s pretty much foolproof, which is very important for black thumbed gardeners like myself!  It’s easy to find.  You can even plant the stuff you buy in the grocery store and it will grow!  It’s easy to grow, and it’s easy to harvest.  And, … Read more

What Is The Best Chicken Bedding To Use In Your Coop?

One of the inescapable facts of keeping chickens is that they produce waste.  One of the best reasons for raising your own chickens is that you can turn that waste into something useful instead of a harmful pollutant.  In order to do that however, you will need a way to manage it.  Chickens do most … Read more

The Top Farming My Backyard Posts Of 2017

Wow, I can hardly believe 2017 is just about over.  Is it just me or is time going like, super fast?  I hear that happens as you grow older, but it’s a little surreal when you start experiencing it.  2017 was kind of a crazy year for our family.  We started the year with no … Read more