Can You Be A Homesteader In The City?

Can You Be a Homesteader In The City
Can you be a homesteader even when you live in the city?  Well truthfully, you may be one already. Sometimes we have trouble giving ourselves credit for the things we do.  I know I have a bad habit of minimizing the things I accomplish and instead focusing on the things I have yet to do.   It often takes an outside view for me to realize that I really am making progress.

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What is a homesteader?

Homesteaders are people who take responsibility for their own well-being.  They are more interested in producing than consuming.  It’s more of a mind set and state of being than an amount of property owned or the amount of food produced.  Some farms produce sacks and sacks of conventional grains, but ultimately they are consuming the earth’s fertility instead of contributing to it.

They like to produce their own food, as much as they reasonably can, and cooking nutritious food for their families is an act of love.  Homesteaders take responsibility for their wellness.  They learn how to live healthfully and use the natural resources to support wellness they have access to.  Homesteaders want to be free, beholden to no one if possible, and aim to live debt free and off grid.  They are mindful of the real costs of consumerism, and aim to make their own items as well as reuse things to keep them out of landfills.  They live nimbly, and can adapt based on the resources they have available.

How can you become a homesteader?

I didn’t always feel like an urban homesteader.  One day when struggling with whether I would ever be able to do enough to make a difference I found an encouraging post by New Life on a Homestead.  As I read through it, I realized all the things I have already accomplished.  I encourage you to write down each individual step you have taken to become more self-reliant.  It doesn’t have to be a big step.  The important thing is that you take one baby step at a time.  Eventually you get to where you’re going no matter how fast the speed.

Here is my list, inspired by Kendra’s of some things I’ve done or am in the process of doing:

  • Learn to garden
  • Bake bread and nurture a sourdough starter
  • Learn about herbs
  • Learn how to cook
  • Canning food
  • Dehydrating foods
  • Plant fruit trees and bushes
  • Goats
  • Chickens
  • Line drying clothes
  • Using soap nuts and homemade laundry detergent
  • Mending clothes and re-purposing worn out clothing
  • Living within a tight budget
  • Foraging
  • Growing mushrooms
  • Composting
  • Heat with wood


Make your own list!  What steps have you taken to take responsibility for your own well-being?   You CAN be an urban homesteader, no matter where you live, as long as you have a homesteaders heart.

Can You Be a Homesteader In The City?
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Can You Be a Homesteader In The City?
Can you be a homesteader? What if you live in the city? What about people who live in apartments? What exactly is a homesteader anyway?
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