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5 Ways To Make Time For What Really Matters

Sometimes in our rush to be more productive, I think we can overlook the most important things in life. Sure we can cram more and more into our days, but is it really worth it? Here are some ways to make time for the most important things.

We can cram more and more into our days, but is it really worth it?  Here are some ways to make time for the most important things.

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Take a rest day

Whether you are religious or not, taking one day a week to rest is a smart idea. We are more productive when we have down time. Even if you think you can’t afford some time off, give it a try. You may just be surprised at how quickly you work on the other six days.

Batch schedule

Every time we change gears our brains take a little extra time to re-engage in what we were doing before. If you batch schedule you can gain that extra time back that you would have lost in switching tasks. This can look like scheduling appointments for one day, home tasks for another, and paperwork on another. Or make it work by focusing on one project before lunch, and another in the afternoon.

Make time for self care

While it’s tempting to stay up late to get more done, in the long run being sleep deprived will only slow you down. The same goes for skipping meals. I don’t think well when I’m super hungry, and chances are, neither do you!

Streamline and delegate

Any time savings on things you don’t find important are valuable. Streamlining could look like setting up an automatic watering system so you don’t have to get out to water the garden constantly. Delegating could be hiring a teenager to mow your lawn so that you have more time for cooking from scratch.

Figure out what’s really important

We all have different priorities. To me owning chickens is a big deal, but I really don’t care about canning. For other people, perhaps they don’t mind buying their eggs, but they’re happiest when putting food up for next year. If you are doing something because you think you should, but you really aren’t that into it, it’s okay to let it go. It’s okay to stop doing it, or hire someone else to do it for you.

It’s also okay to pause some activities so you can focus on others. If you are raising a family, time with your kids can be very precious. And while it’s cliche, it really does go by so fast! Putting some hobbies on hold for a few years doesn’t mean you’ll never get back to them.

And if the people in your life are the most important, perhaps you can work together on mutual goals. Some of our best friends have helped us with house projects, and we’ve returned the favor.

Sure, we could have gone out and done something “fun” together, but helping someone out with a job can be even more rewarding.

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